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Meet the Creator

“My heart lies with all things lovingly home baked”

Hi! My name is Amanda- owner and creator of Sugar Plum Cakes and Desserts. I’m a serious lover of food, ask anyone who knows me, my day revolves around my next meal and I make every one worth every bite.

A little about the business and myself: A local to Coffs Harbour, Ive been working in the hospitality industry for the last seventeen years and always loved baking. Right back to the fond childhood memories most of us have of licking the beaters once my mother and I had finished whipping up whatever delight we would be consuming for afternoon tea. 

After managing a number of local cafes, and travelling Europe three years ago, I decided it was time I took a leap of faith and started my own adventure. My husband and father-in-law set to helping me make my dreams come true and got straight to work in converting an old 1952 Bondwood Caravan into the travelling Bakery- Myrtle, and thus, Sugar Plum Cakes and Desserts was born. 

More recently, Myrtle was beginning to show signs of only child syndrome, so we decided it was time for our family to grow and out of that, Pearl was born! She is a 1961 EK Special Holden, and again with the help of my wonderful Husband and Father-in-law, all the visions and dreams in my head (and of the 16 year old me) came true! Completely restoring her to her former glory Pearl now accompanies Brides and Grooms to their big day in style or to formals and events, anything glamorous she just loves to be apart of!

In addition to my two babies Myrtle and Pearl, my heart lies with all things lovingly home baked and I especially love making brides dreams come to life when it comes to providing them with the highest quality wedding cake that they had always dreamt of. If cakes aren’t your thing, we also have a large range of dessert buffet items and customised cookies available!

Coffs Harbour was a wonderful place to grow up and I continue to love the place I live and how embracing of small business this town is. I cant wait to see what the future has in store for Sugar Plum Cakes and Desserts, and I thank you all for coming along on this adventure with me! If you would like to keep up to date with what’s going on in the Sugar Plum Kitchen please add us on Facebook or Instagram.

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